More than a tour group

The home base

   While Freemind and his companions drive around the world with their wild boxes, our volunteer team takes over the management, moderation, editing, video editing and much more. This committed group help us from home. This turns this idea and her enthusiasm into a reality that you can see on your PC and smart TV. We have such channels and their streams for several languages. It is a project that people around the world are pursuing and hopefully connecting.

    You can be more than one viewer. You can interactively participate in the livestreams or you become part of our volunteer team. With free time allocation, you gain cautious self-confidence and media literacy. There is no minimum age, nor is your origin or gender relevant. Your interest should be enough for us!

The English-speaking home base

  • Lead: Rigiid, Nox, BennyKun, (3 more places left)
    Assistance: wanted


  • Broadcast planning: Rigiid, Freemind, (10 more places left)
    Assistance: BennyKun, wanted


  • Coach: wanted

  • Video Editing: BennyKun, Nox, (9 more places left)
    Assistance: wanted

  • Multistreaming Manager ( wanted

  • Production: BennyKun, (17 more places left)
    Assistance: wanted

  • Presentation: Cookie, Raxton, Riigid, Nox,  BennyKun,
    (21 more places left)
    Assistance: wanted


  • Travel management: Freemind,  (5 more places left)
    Assistance: Rafiq,  (11 more places left)
    Travelers: Rafiq, Freemind,  (48 more places left)


  • Creative team: Rigiid, Nox, Freemind, BennyKun,
    (20 more places left)
    Assistance: wanted


  • Sales management: wanted
    Assistance: wanted
    Marketing: wanted
    Aquisition: wanted
    Social networks: wanted


  • Web design: Freemind, BennyKun, (5 more places left)
    Content: Freemind, (5 more places left)


  • Channel Interim Management: Rigiid, Freemind, (13 more places left)
    English-German: Rigiid, Freemind, (3 more places left)
    English-French: Cookie, (4 more places left)
    English-Portuguese: Freemind, (4 more places left)
    English-Arabic: wanted
    English-Chinese: wanted
    English-Spanish: wanted


  • Knowledgebase Management: Freemind, (24 more places left)
    North Africa: Rafiq
    West Europe: Freemind


  • International Law: wanted
    Visa procurement: wanted


   We need teams like this in every other important language. These of course have their own channels, their own programs and their own cash register. Purchase a stream of your language.

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