Make your dream come true!

Be integrative, interactive, cooperative, interdisciplinary or creative

Be interactive as a viewer

  • Occasionally you can be switched to the modrators, travelers and locals via Discord Live. You will be part of the program from home.

  • Help us translate into the local language!

Be creative as a local

  • Guide us to the sights, to the culinary specialties of their homeland.

  • Guide us to your personal highlights. Explain your culture to us.

  • Share your in-depth knowledge of the region with us.

  • Help us translate into the local language!

    Integrate to the trip


  • Join our journey and become one of the central personalities of our programs

  • Become a visitor to our stopovers. No vehicle is necessary here.

    Become part of our crew from home

  • As a language talent or native speaker, you can act as an intermediary between our teams.

  • Become a moderator of your own broadcast.

  • Become a Resiseur of the program you designed yourself.

  • They enjoy video editing and want real feedback on their work.

  • Become one of the leaders of the team and live out in management.

  •     Here are more volunteer positions.


Interdisciplinary content for the YouTuber

  • Even as an independent YouTuber, you can create your own programs and carry them out with us.

  • Interwoven experienced streamers with their own reputation are welcome.

  • We can use experienced YouTubers as coaches for our Crew.

Skills we need


  • Savvy for international law

  • Experienced in international diplomacy

  • If you have access to a super fast internet connection, you could support us to distribute the stream over several channels. We use "" for this.

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