Mutual Participation

Particularly interesting for the small business owner with fabulous products!

Owner-managed companies are often enthusiastic!

  If we can swap something, it is passion and enthusiasm. So it remains interesting for the viewer. Be ready, your company, we'll quickly get a mic. ;-)

Experienced streamers!

  Twitter and YouTuber are happy to be invited to join our recordings. No matter whether on-site or switched to it. Our teams are made up of amateurs and therefore we will be happy to receive every tip.

Data volume against advertising

  If you have access to a super fast internet connection, this option might be appealing. We use "" to distribute our stream over several channels. This requires little maintenance, but is a very responsible task. In return, we are happy to mention your project or product on our website.

Legal assistance against advertising

  We need support for international law and visa problems. If the travel group grows, we would be willing to pay this service appropriately. Until then, we will provide you with the publicity that you consider appropriate.


PS: Suggestions are welcome!

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