Briefly about the content of the LIVE broadcast


  João Carlos Soares' goal is to beat Emilio Scotto's record. We are happy about growth, who also have the chill like philanthropists. We don't just get in touch with the locals. We will broadcast the trip live!
   After good gamer culture, we all have a pseudonym. João Carlos Soares is called Freemind. A name because he acquired himself as the organizer of a talk show.
   The stream is more than the experiences of city and country. We have different programs for them. So this is more than the usual content of YouTube and Twitchers! It also becomes more than television because we are interactive in real time.
   Talk to travelers and locals from home. So you can also participate in a wide variety of programs.

Emilio Scotto's adventure

  In 1995 Emilio Scotto completed the longest journey in history. Over a total distance of over 700,000 km, he traveled over 270 countries in 10 years. With his Honda Goldwing GL1100 (built in 1980), he discovered fascinating people and visited the most exciting corners of the world. A real adventure.

The challenge

  Freemind also drives a 1980 Goldwing. Contrary to Scotto's times, this is now a classic! The stream and the geopolitical situation make the project extremely difficult. Not only because foreigners are now part of local ideologies in many countries. It is often difficult to have a high-speed internet connection and to get permission to record films at all. It is questionable whether we will break all the key data of the record. But on one point it is more manageable: We will be on the road for 11 years and thus outperform Scotto by one year.

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