Become a successful streamer

Together we are persistent and strong until success

Claim and effort


  Unlike the many streamers out there, we strive for real content. Together we try to approach the quality of shows and documentaries from TV stations. Likewise, we try to give more interactivity than usual with live streams. The excellent content with pictures and encounters from all over the world will be one of the means to achieve our goals.

Become a voluntary moderator with us and with us


  As a moderator, from home and at the same time from home all over the world. You can participate in our great project. You will be part of a talk or game show and will interact with guests, viewers or travelers. A gentle entry is conceivable as an assistant.

Become a voluntary director with us and with us


  As a director you will come up with a good idea for your format. Here you become the leader of your vision yourself and can draw on a pool of volunteers. If you see the task growing, the creative team can offer sophisticated formats. So you comb even more meaning. A gentle start as an assistant is possible.

Become a volunteer communication manager with us


  Support our moderators, creatives and management with translations and let us show the world that culture and language can add value. Language skills are an advantage for these positions.

Become a volunteer general manager with us and with us


  As one of the leaders of one of the homebases, you coordinate the forces so that we have an undisturbed program. Learn how your friendliness and courtesy forms an enthusiastic team that will be happy to assist you in return. If you are not sure yet, you can start as an assistant.

Become a volunteer video editor with us and with us


  Do you enjoy video editing and want to take your creativity to the next level? Are you coming to give your skills a professional touch? Our team works for you for your great result. If you are not sure yet, you can start as an assistant.

Get creative in the creative team


  Put your creativity at the center. It's so easy to participate in our creative team. Shows such as documentation are maintained, developed and expanded here.
  Your creativity could also be expressed in your language and writing. Our website, our broadcasts always need good texts and proofreading by authors, satirists and poets.

Here you will find other positions that we would like to see filled by you

PS: All these positions are not paid. But we strive for profitability so that we can distribute a profit to everyone involved.

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