Participate with that little bit extra

For people who can see beyond the horizon!

Of course, income is needed!

  Keep in mind that you can hardly benefit from an excess on such a trip on a motorcycle. The linchpin is initially Freemind on his motorcycle. He will be at retirement age upon completion. Therefore, wheeliness is what will inevitably take place.
  We have huge costs for this record attempt. The maintenance of the stream and the maintenance of the technology amount to a high 4-digit amount. Therefore, we are happy about any amount, because we can earn. Nevertheless, we will not fundamentally positive for you. You should be convinced of the quality of your product!

Sell ​​the adventure trips!
  Sell ​​travel monkeys, young retirees and adrenaline junkies participating in our trip. Receive 20% of a monthly fee as a commission if the first month is completed.

To the restaurateur.
  Invite us to your restaurant and we will make a live report of it. In return, you can provide us with accommodation for two people and three nights free of charge. Please provide well-tended accommodation for the rest of our travel group for a daily rate of less than € 30.

To the organizer.
  For a donation, we are happy to attend your event if you are ready for an interview. Another requirement is free entry for our tour group.

At manufacture and trade.

  For a negotiated amount, we are happy to mention or test products and services. We also place your product for a donation.


PS: suggestions are welcome!

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