Participation with a reward!

Eine Aufgabe für den Medienunternehmer und Diejenigen, die es werden wollen.

Profitable at an entrepreneurial level

Our special offer to you

   Take over the stream of your language exclusively. Have an influence on the website, the official branch on social networks, the travelers, shows and the destinations. Develop your own programs and show with your team. Benefit from the exchange between the languages. Finance, maintain and direct your own selected team. You are empowered to advertise, implement advertising, allow advertisers, and earn advertising revenue, provided that they belong to the territory or society in which their language of purchase is the most widely used.

Our consideration for this auction

   We want to serve every language and nation with its own stream. After all, we are traveling around the world. We wish to be an example of international ties and the formation of mind and understanding!
    We hope the character of an auction will get the best possible user. Their use also promotes the quality of the stream through better camera and transmission technology. The special rules should keep us away from entrepreneurs who offer beyond their possibilities.


Rules of the auction


  1. bidding

    1. You are bidding by donating the same amount.

    2. Your bid is always a non-binding donation. You have no right to repayment.

    3. Minimum bid is set individually for each language and can be seen at the bottom of this page.

    4. Send us your name, company, a short profile and your bid separately to our email:

  2. Whoever places the first bid in this auction has the following Rights.

    1. The owner of these rights has the right to be informed about the auction status.

    2. The holder of these rights has the right to cooperate with the highest bidder, provided that the bidder has no more than twice the bid.

    3. These rights will be given to the highest bidder if the bid is triple exceeded.

  3. periods

    1. The auction is effective immediately.

    2. The auction applies to the use of the stream for 12 months, from the 1st of the following month.

    3. The end of each auction is one month before the scheduled 12 months. Bids that are then received are valid for the following 12 months. Refund will not be granted.

  4. The winning bid to the highest bidder.

    1. The surcharge to the highest bidder will be canceled without replacement if the stream is not processed for 4 weeks.

    2. The volunteer team has to be instructed in the work.

  5. Expiration of the stream rights

    1. The transfer to the next right holder is granted without restriction. This also includes the access to the official annex of the social networks, which specifically deal with the trip and stream. In the event of an infringement, the legal successor must be reimbursed a penalty in the amount of his bid.

Bid now for 3/2021 to 3/2022 (other languages on request to

Transmissão ao vivo da língua portuguesa
(Um potencial de 240 milhões de espectadores)
Oferta mínima e doação 3840 €

LIVE stream of the English language
(A potential of 1825 million viewers)
Minimum bid & donation € 20950

LIVE-Stream der deutschen Sprache
(Ein potential von 92 Millionen Zuschauer)
Mindestgebot & Spende 3840 €

Transmisión en vivo de la lengua española
(Un potencial de 570 millones de espectadores)
Oferta mínima y donación € 3420

تيار مباشر للغة العربية
(إمكانات 300 مليون مشاهد)
الحد الأدنى للعطاء والتبرع 700 €

हिंदी भाषा की लाइव स्ट्रीम
(270 मिलियन दर्शकों की क्षमता)
न्यूनतम बोली और दान 540 €

Flux LIVE de la langue française
(Un potentiel de 300 millions de téléspectateurs)
Enchère et don minimum 13800 €

LIVE strumień języka polskiego
(Potencjał 38 milionów widzów)
Minimalna oferta i darowizna 570 €


LIVE поток русского языка
(Потенциал 150 миллионов зрителей)
Минимальная ставка и пожертвование 4200 €

한국어 라이브 스트림
(77 백만 시청자의 잠재력)
최소 입찰 및 기부 € 1680

LIVE Stream vun der Lëtzebuerger Sprooch
(E Potenzial vun 0,3 Milliounen Zuschauer)
Minimum Offer & Don 35 €


Türk dilinin CANLI akışı
(79 milyon izleyici potansiyeli)
Minimum teklif ve bağış € 710

זרם חי בשפה העברית
(פוטנציאל של 9 מיליון צופים)
הצעה מינימאלית ותרומה 370 יורו

Dòng trực tiếp của tiếng Việt
(Tiềm năng của 76 triệu người xem)
Giá thầu tối thiểu và quyên góp
€ 570

Aliran LIVE bahasa Melayu
(Potensi 155 juta penonton)
Tawaran & derma minimum 540 €

Flusso LIVE della lingua italiana
(Un potenziale di 65 milioni di spettatori)
Offerta minima e donazione € 2200

جریان زنده از زبان فارسی
(پتانسیل 62 میلیون بیننده)
حداقل پیشنهاد و اهدا 1180 یورو

(ศักยภาพของผู้ชม 60 ล้านคน)
การเสนอราคาขั้นต่ำ & การบริจาค 420 €

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